David W. / Order #4439701

February 2018

The ordering process was easy, the flowers were delivered on time, and they were beautiful!

Susan P. / Order #4263823

January 2018

High Sierra Gardens is the best and freshest and closest to the photo I chose than most all other florists. I will always use them for Incline Village gifts.

Sandra H. / Order #4240332

November 2017

Awesome service!

Marla G. / Order #4172168

October 2017

HSG is always my go to in town for pick up of flower arrangements…fast, friendly service, and LOVELY arrangements every time. Thank you so much – after having experienced a challenge in the past with the delivery service, I’m ecstatic to see the service is working perfectly now! The delivery was timely, and the delivery gentleman was friendly and cheerful. I love my flowers (a gift from a co-worker who ordered them from her office in Pennsylvania).

Clare N. / Order #4146524

October 2017

Gorgeous flowers; lovely arrangement; friendly delivery! Thank you.

Robert C. / Order #4084270

September 2017

This was a great arrangement that brightened their day, and was almost 3 feet around.

Robin D. / Order #4082041

September 2017

Thank you so much for the personal and efficient service!!

Nancy M. / Order #4082041

September 2017

Lovely Orchid and Cactus plant in beautiful tin container. Very courteous and happy driver making the delivery.

Judith M. / Order #4001564

July 2017

Great service, easy to use website. Beautiful flowers. Makes ordering presents in Incline Village easy!!

Barbara L. / Order #3939225

June 2017

The plant was waiting for me at the door…it is beautiful; just hope I don’t kill it. Read your care instructions…will follow.

Nancy M. / Order #3889047

May 2017

Very good customer service. Got a call before the delivery, followed by a prompt delivery and very friendly delivery person. The plant is in excellent condition and attractively presented.

Jackie D. / Order #3793596

April 2017

The delivery person was friendly. The flowers were gorgeous. There was a small problem – the card did not say who the flowers were from. I ended up calling the shop and they told me. Thank you.